The real estate industry in Cameroon is still growing though not developed as it ought to have been. As the rate of urbanization in Cameroon increases by approximately 3% per year, there is a clear indication in the rate of growth of the real estate industry in the country. There is therefore the need to have dedicated investors to help take the real estate industry to another level.

Irrespective of the plethora of transactions in this industry, the industry has proven to need modern methods of real estate dealings. The slow rate of urbanization is reflected in the poor housing conditions of the majority of citizens in Cameroon. There is therefore the need for private investors with better knowledge to improve the industry, be it in the purchase of property, the management of property, the sale of property etc through advanced techniques.

Cameroon still has so much undeveloped land and this provides a good opportunity for investors to explore this industry and play a part in solving the shortage of habitation in Cameroon.

Our firm is made up of professionals who guide you in this industry and safeguard your investment.

Our professionals will Serve you in these ways

Register your company

Engage in due diligence for property transactions

Manage contracts

Represent your interest in property sale and purchase

Source for experts in the industry as the needs of the venture will demand

Provide general advisory services

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