Cameroon has a potential estimate of 250 million barrels per year, but she is still not one of the biggest oil and gas producing countries in the African Continent. However, Cameroon being at the heart of the African Continent, share practically the same pond as some big producing countries like Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea which form part of the first five producing countries of oil and gas in Africa.

This therefore means that Cameroon has a bright future for any investor desirous of penetrating this industry as the country still has many unexploited areas. The government has as intention to maximise the output of oil and gas in a bid to sustain the economy. This therefore will require more investors into the industry to achieve this objective.

The National Hydrocarbons Corporation in an attempt to promote and valorise hydrocarbon resources has put on promotion nine blocks in the hydrocarbon rich Rio del Rey Basin, and in the highly prospective Douala/Kribi -Campo. This is a call for investors to benefit in such an opportunity and invest in the industry.

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