The insurance industry in Cameroon is regulated by the CIMA code. This industry is one still open to investors as the business world in Cameroon is continuing to expand. Due to the fact that such a line of business touches on a lot of confidentiality from the public who subscribe for insurance policies, the CIMA Code requires an insurance company to be registered as a Public Limited Company with a constituent assembly.

A required standard of qualification is equally expected for certain offices like the office of a manager and an auditor.

A required level of liquidity is imposed by the CIMA Code as capital of an insurance company upon registration and grant of license to operate.

Already existing insurance companies can operate in the Cameroon insurance industry under certain conditions laid down by law.

At Kima and Partners, you are more than certain that our dedicated professionals will guide you every step of the way.

Our professionals will serve you in these ways

Register your company

Procure the licenses required to operate

Procure the license for the manager

General regulatory compliance

Manage contracts

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