In Cameroon there are many citizens wishing to engage in construction projects such as the building of a house, a hotel, a duplex, a mall etc. But the availability credible construction companies to execute such projects has always been the problem. Many construction companies fall short of providing quality service to meet the standard of clients.

The government of Cameroon also awards contracts such as road construction contracts, the construction of public schools, public hospitals etc. there is therefore the need for investors to engage their resources and benefit from the opportunities which this industry presents.

However, the modalities to establish such companies are not very easy to adhere to as most projects demand certain standards. The bid for tenders in public contracts in Cameroon usually requires certain standards to be met by interested persons in view of attaining eligibility for such an award. These standards span from the creation of a duly registered company, the award of certain licenses from specialized regulatory agencies to the framework of the portfolio of the company as regards its functioning, financing, ownership of equipment, scope of services to be delivered etc.

Our dedicated professionals help to direct the interest of our clients to success.

Our professionals will serve you in these ways

Register your company

Negotiate purchase of land

Procure the required licenses and authorizations

Manage contracts

Source for necessary personnel

Engage in regulatory compliance

Link clients to credible construction companies

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