The air transport industry is part of the transport industry in Cameroon. This industry is open to investors by virtue of the several treaties and conventions signed and ratified by the government of Cameroon.

By virtue of the several treaties and conventions, investors and already existing operators in the aviation industry are to the following;

  • Have the right to fly-over Cameroon territory without landing,
  • The right to land for non-commercial reasons,
  • The right to carry passengers or cargo from Cameroon to another country,

The operation of an air transport company in Cameroon requires the grant of an air operator license from the Cameroon Civil Aviation Authority. This document attests that an enterprise has satisfied the legal, financial, economic and moral conditions required by the regulations in force. It equally confirms the certificate of air worthiness, noise certificate and certificate of exploitation of radio electric installation.

Once an air operator license is granted, the enterprise is authorized to carryout the transportation of passengers, mail and/or freight as indicated on the license.

Our professionals will Serve you in these ways

Prepare applications in the prescribed form

Engage in regulatory compliance per agency

Provide advisory services to clients on financial expectations

Procure an air operator certificate

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