To register an NGO in Cameroon, the Law No. 99/014 of 22nd December 1999 must be complied with. This law regulates the formalities to register an NGO in Cameroon. A Non-Governmental Organisation is a declared Association or foreign association. Any person desirous to register an NGO in Cameroon must understand that a Non-Governmental Organisation is authorized to participate in the execution of missions of general interest. NGO registration in Cameroon is done in accordance with the legal framework established by Law No 99/014 of 22nd December 1999 and Law No 90/053 of 19th December 1990 on the freedom of association. These laws provide the legal guidance for registering a non-governmental organization in Cameroon.

To register an NGO in Cameroon, the interested applicant must know the difference between an NGO and an Association. A major difference between a non-governmental organization and an association is its legal framework. An association is more liberal whilst an NGO is subject to certain formalities. A non-governmental organization can benefit from international support whilst a association is limited to the confines of the national territory. The rules governing non-governmental organizations in Cameroon permit the organization to accept gifts, legacies, and subventions.


To register an NGO in Cameroon, the interested person must ensure that the activities of the organization fall within the priority domains as established through the legal text. These domains include; legal, economic, social, health, education, culture, humanitarian etc.


The process to register an NGO in Cameroon, entail the production of documents to be submitted. These documents include but not limited to;

  1. An application
  2. A copy of the declaration receipt or the authorization
  3. An evaluation report of activities for the last three years and the program of activities
  4. The minutes of the extra-ordinary general assembly serving as a constituent assembly of the non-governmental organization.
  5. The name, goals and headquarter of the non-governmental organization as well as the names, profession and residence of those who are in charge of the administration or management etc.

The competent authority will receive and study the file and a response is delivered.